Indices Trading


Why People Love To Trade Indices?

Stock indices are also a measure of the market performance and of current market sentiment in each country, making it easier for traders to understand and follow if indices respond well to economic news

By trading CFDs on indices you can gain easy access to markets without needing to waste time and money familiarising yourself with something completely foreign or complex, as there is plentiful information available online

CFDs on indices can be traded with the margin as low as 0.5%; this means $100 will control a $20,000 position. Check out the variety and advantages of our trading accounts

Indices markets provide traders with exposure to the global market, allowing them to benefit from numerous investment opportunities

Trade CFDs On Spot Indices With Low Margin And Discover Indices Trading With JasFx

Indices are used to track the performance of a basket of securities. For example, if you are trading indices from the stock exchange index, which comprises of several stocks, then you are essentially opening positions on several stocks at once. This is immediately a more economical and less stressful way to diversify your investment portfolio across different sectors and trade in a basket of stocks.

Index CFDs cover all the well-known indices from around the world, enabling traders to partake in the world markets, including investing the Aussie 200 or the German DAX.


Extended trading hours and the possibility of trading both long and short positions, attracts active traders, seeking high returns. Indices trading is an effective way to diversify against risks by investing on a wide-ranging basket of assets instead of a few investments. This helps traders hedge against unnecessary risk, which may be related to a specific company or industry, without, however, decreasing expected earnings.

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