Trading Schedule From 26/12 To 03/01

Dear Trader,

Please note that due to the upcoming holiday, the trading hours for some instruments will be slightly modified. All times given are in GMT+0.


Date Instrument Status
26/12 All of the instruments, except Forex and Crypto Halted
27/12 AUS200, HKIND, CHNIND, UK100, UK Shares No trading
27/12 FRA40 trading from 7:00
30/12 UK100 trading till 12:50
30/12 UK Share trading 08:00- 12:30
30/12 Germany Share trading 08:00- 13:00
02/01 AUS200, GER30, US30, US100, US500, US2000, SPA35, FRA40,
HKIND, JAP225, UK100, IND50, SUI20, ITA40, CHNIND, EU50,
no trading
02/01 EU50 trading 01:00-21:00
02/01 FRA40 trading-07:00-21:00
02/01 US Shares, UK Shares no trading

Please note that there is a higher level of risk involved in maintaining opened positions and pending orders over holiday periods. Also, the indicated trading hours are subject to change by the respective exchanges or liquidity providers. Furthermore, periods like this can increase the probability of wider spreads due to thinner liquidity in the market.

Best Regards