Dividend Calendar 09/2022

A list of stocks going ex-dividend during next month is listed below. In order to receive a dividend, shares of a stock must be purchased no later than the last trading day before the ex-dividend date.

NameSubitemsSymbolAmountCurrencyNext Ex-Date
PepsiCo Inc CFDFPEP.US1.15USD2022-09-01
Bank of America Corp CFDBAC.US0.21USD2022-09-01
FedEx Corp CFD (copy)FDX.US1.15USD2022-09-01
NIKE Inc CFDNKE.US0.31USD2022-09-02
Schlumberger Ltd CFDSLB.US0.18USD2022-09-06
NVIDIA Corp CFDNVDA.US0.04USD2022-09-07
Travelers Cos Inc CFGTRV.US0.93USD2022-09-08
Kimberly-Clark Corp CFDKMB.US1.16USD2022-09-08
Hwelett-Packard Co CFDHPQ.US0.25USD2022-09-13
Public Storage CFDPSA.US2USD2022-09-13
Merck & Co Inc CFDMRK.US0.69USD2022-09-14
Gilead Sciences Inc CFDGILD.US0.73USD2022-09-14
American International Group Inc CFDAIG.US0.32USD2022-09-15
Coca-Cola Co CFDKO.US0.44USD2022-09-15
Total EnergiesFP.FR0.66EUR2022-09-21
LTC Properties Inc CFDLTC.US0.19USD2022-09-21
Gladstone Investment Corp CFDGAIN.US0.075USD2022-09-21
Philip Morris International Inc CFDPM.US1.25USD2022-09-27
Prospect Capital CorporationPSEC.US0.06USD2022-09-27
Mondelez International Inc CFDMDLZ.US0.35USD2022-09-29
British American Tobacco PLCBATS.UK0.55GBP2022-09-29
STAG Industrial Inc CFDSTAG.US0.1217USD2022-09-29
Realty Income Corp CFDO.US0.248USD2022-09-30